Please note that our policies regarding Flash ads has recently changed. Click here for more information.
We’ve added a guideline for ad creators using InDesign or other publishing programs. View it here, under “InDesign.”
To help ensure that your ads appear properly and have the maximum impact possible, we’ve created the Digital Ad Kit. Every page in the kit has a sidebar on your right with all the links you need to navigate. The first section contains links to our ad unit specs, broken down by ad type. The second section, Guides & Tutorials, is where you will find helpful info for ad production. For technical questions that can’t be solved in this section, feel free to email us. The third section, Rich Media Examples, displays some of the most common rich media ads and show how those ads can be used to up the WOW factor of your campaign. For questions regarding digital advertising opportunities, please contact your sales representative.

When naming the ad units, The Oklahoman Media Company uses the naming convention set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), with the exception of a few ads that have more popular regional identifiers.

Standard Digital Ads

Standard digital ads are comprised of industry-standard file types (.gif, .jpg, .png, .swf). These ad units are available across all NewsOK sites unless otherwise specified in individual ad unit notes.


Rich Media Digital Ads

A rich media ad uses advanced technology such as streaming video, downloaded applets (programs) that interact instantly with the user, multiple units that work together on a singular campaign, and/or ads that change when the user’s mouse passes over it. Rich media ads are built in either Flash or HTML 5. Animated .gifs are not considered rich media.


Mobile Digital Ads

Please note that these ads differ from the iPhone iApp ads. They are run on


iApp Digital Ads

Please note that these are different from mobile ads, which are displayed on our mobile sites to all phone platforms. iApps are applications for use on Apple’s iPhones and iPads.


Digital Video Screen Ads

These are the billboard ads that run on the big screen on the southwest corner of The Oklahoman building at 100 W. Main in Downtown OKC.